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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hey all..!!! Do we feel sad for the actual reason?

Hey all.. its been almost three and a half months since i posted anything. I had lot to study and other daily chores and i procrastinated. Hope "any" readers who are reading this are all fine and well.

Don't we all feel depressed at some point of life or another? may it be because your friend does not reply to your texts, or your parents grounded you for your ill-manners. We all tend to get depressed and feel hopeless. But do you know what? the real reason for many depressions are not the arguements, its your inner desire that you failed to achieve. which is something way off the topic. I don't say its always the case, but give it a thought. If your mother refuses to give you some pocket money to spend. it does make you irritated. But did not you ever feel that mother never listens to me, she thinks im a stupid kid who spends too much cash, when will we she realise that im a grown now. Sometimes we feel depressed that others don't understand us, we want to be treated equally? well, it kind of depressing to know that we cant get attention of the persons we love so much.

I always tend to link my failures together. If i fail to achieve something, i link it up to something in the past. It is like "I failed to do or achieve this goal because i failed to accomplish a previous goal, well it does not matter very much, you are a born loser, so cheer up, because you'll be seeing this everyday in your life". No matter how much i try to give up this thing, it just coming back, and yes i admit, i was tad bit depressed that no one visits and reads this, i know i am not a very prolific blogger, but i kept trying but stil no avail, i had given up little too early. I stopped writing till now. I was going through other articles on the net and i realised there are people who had worst in their life, compared to me, my problems were not problems at all. The reality is, each person thinks that pthers problems are silly, stupid and irrelevant,but to the person it's a very big deal. Each and every one of us has our own set of problems, and if a person says he has no problems in life at all, it itself is a big problem. Try your best never to give up and work hard, that's the only road to success. Failure and success are like day and night, comes one after the another When days and nights are normal, why not failures and success?

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy new year and merry x'mas :)

Plan your resolutions for this year and stick to it atleast this mine. SO far i have not been successful. Have fun :)

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dotted by DOTA.

[Image from freakygaming.com, I DONT OWN THE IMAGE]
Hey folks, i was unable to post anything yesterday as i was busy with a lot of work and my study quota was not complete. Anyways, today i'm going to the games again. i recently played DOTA AI map And i loved it like hell. I played Warcraft:Reign of chaos and Frozen throne previously, so i gave the DOTA:All stars maps a try and it was too good. The idea of having RPG and RTS elements without boring things like resource management, unit production is all what a RPG fan can ask for. I must say it is very addictive and it's very hard to get off the computer once you are hooked on it.

At first it was very confused. With over 90 odd heroes( i don't know whether there are newer maps ) it was pretty tough decision to make. Gradually it was clear what was to be done and i set out, killing creeps and getting killed by creeps/heroes. I always seemto loose when i play as The Scourge. So i always go for the Sentinels. I heard many of my friends say that DOTA is lot of fun and highly addictive. I never knew what they meant until i tried it on my own. I played it for several hours until finally i was tired out. Lookin forward for online play. Any takers?

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Humour:Gender Inequality on Facebook

[This image does not belong to me and i don't know who did it. Hats off to the man who made this and thanks to my friend vivek through whom i came to know about this photo :D]

I don't know about females, but most of the males have experienced it at some point or other. It is always seen that females get the highest number of comments, likes on their status, posts, photos and whatever they post, share on FB. If you like something, it is best to like or comment on the update. It really makes the other person happy.Aren't you happy to make someone happy without spending anything? then why don't some people appreciate it??!!. It really pisses me off.

I don't know about each one of you. There may be some girls who feel they don't get proper attention, or there may be guys who gets overwhelming responses to anything they post. What im speaking is can either be taken as a HUMOUR if you are popular, or as a true fact for some, who are not so popular among the group.

Suppose you post anything that you made it yourself in order to get some attention, you manage to get a little or no attention at all. I'm writing this blog and do you think anyone really cares? i barely get any response and even if i do, i have a pretty high bounce rate( is it so bad??!). If you were a girl, anything you post, whether it is copied or not, you'll be seeing a lot of "likes" and comments.

There is no cure for that kind of nature. But it's kind of funny to know that men will be men. Whether it is offline or online. I don't really mind such people. It's just that i don't get any attention to such an extent that even trolls are welcome in my blog :D. SO unles you have some really really star category post, MEN cant get attention even as near as that of girls. Have fun.

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Youtube Video's i found very funny.

These are some of the video's that made me ROFL every time i watch it. I do not own any of the videos. They belong to their respectice owners who originally made it. Enjoy :) please comment.

Angry German Kid Vs Microsoft:

Halo Funny Situations:

Rajnikanth castrol ad:

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Funny series:Surviving a horror movie

As a result of youtube and movie "The Ring", i had a strange dream that i watched a youtube video which will kills you in a week!!!. From that inspiration, i am proud to present you survival guide on "How to survive a horror movies/games" . I know there are lots of other llist of same category better than mine. I just made it for fun sake. enjoy :D..

Imagine you are watching a movie late night. Suddenly hands grow out of your TV and drag you into the movie. You know there is a homicidal killers, bloody monsters from hell, aliens, ghosts out here to taste your blood. These tips can probably prevent you from seeing yourself gutted out.

1.Be a girl:
Now before anybody says im a cross-dresser, let me say im not. In most horror movies, the person who survives is probably a female. Being a female greatly increases your chances of survival, with all the males ready to sacrifice for you. And for God's sake, Don't just stand there staring your friends heart ripped apart. Run girl run!!!

2.Don't be a good guy or bad guy:It is a very possibility that good guys may die while protecting the lady. The bad guys are pretty much screwed up, with their "creations" going out of control ending up him/her being the first kill of the creature. if you did not make the creature, you will be killed when you are trying to rape the heroin. My advice, BE THE MONSTER!!!... you will definitely survive :p..

3.Detach from all emotional attachments:If you are lucky enough to survive most of the movie, you'll witness deaths of your loved ones. But its time to move on. If your girlfriend dies, you will get another in an about half an hour (Usually your gf's friend, villain's mom etc) so chill out dude!..

4.Be nice,not good:Don't tease animals, little boys and girls or elderly. Chances are that when they return as ghost, demon, mutant or something horrible, you are going to be killed before the rest. And mind your own business.

5.Check fuel level of your vehicle:The Last thing in the universe you'll wish for is an empty fuel tank of your vehicle in middle of no where. On top of that you are in a place where reports of mutilated bodies found, or an insane killer was last seen. If you have to go somewhere, check the TV or radio for any disturbing events and head the other way. Well, If you did screw up in middle of forest full of wolves howling, why not go back where you came from instead of camping. And never ever, EVER enter creepy old mansion up the hill.

6.Be superstitious: Mocking the rituals, not obeying old man/woman advice and opening something you were not supposed too is a sure way of getting killed in a horrifying manner. Do not be present anywhere near that place or person. If your friend is not superstitious better avoid them too as they will end up doing weird things and you as their friend, will have to pray price too. Get out of the town, change your name, get a new face, get a new job, get a new life.

7.Ancestors Blessing: Unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure that your ancestors killed the bad guys each time, DO NOT FIGHT with it, even if you have the only weapon which could kill him/her/it. Ultimately you will be killed, and the hero( Whose ancestors kicked butts every time) of the movie yoink your weapon, kills it and finally kisses the heroin. got it?

8.Stay away from dolls: Dolls are creepy and attract demons/spirits. steer away from them.

9.Don't be greedy: Think you are in a treasury of some ancient king/shaman/witch who came back to life. It does not matter whether you are with good or bad guys. When the hero kills the nemesis, the whole building will eventually start to collapse/ Only portal way back home was closing all the way through battle. In such scenarios it is not wise filling your gold coins, buckets or whatever. Just get the hell out. Chances are that you will be buried underground/ left as a snack for the wild beasts.

10.Don't have a crush on heroine/Be her ex:PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING AT ALL COSTS!!!!.... especially if hero is still alive, you MUST die. You will be far more stupid to save your girl from whatever harming her and you get killed in action, forcing you to let her "in arms" of the main hero. if you MUST have crush, choose heroine's friend. Though it won't guarantee that you will be alive, it does not mean that you have to die. Most films only have supporting actor's/actress's gf/bf killed.

Thanks for reading. Please please comment whether you liked the list or not. If not, Check under your bed at 3:00 am. ha ha ha.... have fun folks :)n

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How to protect yourself from scams

1.If the offer is too good to be true, then it probably is. Stay away from such deals.

2.Never send money to someone to meet online. Even if you know them for a long time.

3.Don't share personal information like address, phone number online.

4. Don't Download any executable files sent by someone you just met online, or any other friend( ask him/her first whether they sent it, there is a chance that your friend's email computer is infected by a self replicating worm) There is no saying what damage it can cause.

5. Think twice before posting pictures of yourselves, family and friends on the internet.Scammers might steal your pictures to use them for their profit, or gain information about you.

6. If you get an email which looks like a scam, delete it right away. It may have a read receipt that allows the sender to know that you have read the mail and you may be target for more annoying emails.

7. Even for sake of entertainment or education, don't respond to the scammers. These are very dangerous criminals. It might look adventurous, but goofing around with such people is certainly not a healthy activity. If you are being troubled by such people, contact your local authorities.

8.If hit by hitman scam, don't fret. Unless the email contains details which can identify you like your name, address, city, there is no need to get scared.Just hit the delete button right away.

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